A song that begins to explore the murky and dangerous world created by those who promulgate conspiracy theories

Down the Rabbit Hole Pt. 1 & 2 was written following the death of someone we knew. Anger channelled into creativity.  In particular, Pt. 1 was written at the end of Donald Trump's presidency.

Released on the 9th July 2021 the song has a fairly simple structure and runs along at 140 bpm and is in the key of D. 

Bass: Sire Version 2 Marcus Miller U5 Short Scale in Natural

Guitar:  Tom Anderson Droptop and Mercer 0001 acoustic

Synth: Logic Pro Alchemy Synth

Soul Stealer was released on March 23rd, 2021. Written in D minor and running at 120 bpm Soul Stealer was classed as 'pulpit funk' by one listener. A term that we embraced. For our bass player it was a new experience using a plectrum.

Bass: Sire Version 2 Marcus Miller U5 Short Scale in Natural 

Guitar:  Tom Anderson Droptop

Elephant was released on 19th February 2021. Tempo 120bpm in D minor. To create the soundscape extensive use of recordings from Freesound.org was made. In particular we remember Elephant for the excellent artwork provided for the video by Jonathan Hulse.

Guitar: Furch/Stonebridge Acoustic